In this second semester of 2021, we proudly present the second edition of the second volume of Journal of International Studies on Energy Affairs (JISEA). This journal is more focusing on energy issues within the lenses of International Relations Perspectives, from theoretical aspects to empirical studies with the validation of current emerging phenomena. JISEA was envisioned and founded to accommodate the growing discussions of energy issues in the context of social studies, especially International Relations as energy had become a vital commodity that affects the states’ policymaking and implementation. JISEA aims to represent the result of thinking of the International Relations Scholars community, therefore it can span the gap between academic and policy approaches. JISEA is committed to a broad range of intellectual perspectives. Articles promote new analytical approaches, iconoclastic interpretations, and previously overlooked perspectives. Its pages encourage novel contributions and outlooks, not particular methodologies, or policy goals.

This volume consists of 6 articles which discuss about energy issues and the current situation in dealing with global pandemics.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the authors for their contributions to this journal. We also thank all scholars who were kind to provide valuable information and opinion on the review process. All the articles have been sorted through editorial staff who worked hard for JISEA’s first edition of the second volume. We are hoping that the collections of articles will be a valuable insight for all of the readers. We will continuously invite all prospective authors to publish their papers on the upcoming issues.


Published: 2021-12-29